Class Actions

Kugler Kandestin, in collaboration with Sotos LLP, files class action lawsuit against the federal government for discrimination in the funding of First Nations child and family services.

Kugler Kandestin and Sotos LLP have filed a class action in Federal Court on behalf of First Nations youth who have been the victims of the federal government’s discriminatory underfunding of First Nations child and family services.

The class action seeks compensatory damages for on-reserve youth who have been taken into foster homes. It also seeks compensatory damages for First Nations youth, whether on or off reserve, who have been denied or delayed receipt of health and social services and products because of the Crown’s narrow application of Jordan’s Principle.

Jordan’s Principle is a legal rule that requires the federal government to pay for and deliver health and social services to First Nations youth on a level substantively equal to non-First Nations youth. This principle also states that the federal government cannot deny or delay these services and/or products on the grounds that it is the responsibility of the provincial government or some other federal department.

In order to inform you of your rights, we encourage you to speak with one of our lawyers if the following has occurred to a First Nations youth:

  • – You or someone you know has been denied or delayed receipt of health and social services or products from the federal government; or
  • – You or someone you know is or has been placed in a foster home and previously lived on a reserve or whose parents or parent lived on a reserve.

Your communications with us are free and will be kept strictly confidential.

We will continue to update this page as the case progresses.

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