Kugler Kandestin, in conjunction with other firms, obtains the largest award of security for costs – nearly $1 billion – in Quebec history

In a historic judgment rendered on October 27, 2015, two tobacco companies were ordered by a judge of Quebec’s Court of Appeal to post nearly $1 billion in security pending their appeal of two class action decisions rendered in May 2015. Kugler Kandestin is counsel on behalf of one of the groups of victims. The landmark class action decisions condemned three tobacco companies to pay class members more than $15.6 billion. The appeal of the class action decisions will be heard in the Fall of 2016.

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Largest award of security to tobacco victims | Kugler Kandestin
Kugler Kandestin, in collaboration with three other law firms, is actively involved in two class actions which were instituted in 1998 against the three largest Canadian tobacco manufacturers. A historic judgment condemning the tobacco manufacturers to pay, solidarily, over $15 billion to tobacco victims.
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