Kugler Kandestin receives authorization to institute a class action against the Marist Brothers religious congregation on behalf of victims of sexual assault throughout Quebec.

Update as of January 27, 2023

Kugler Kandestin is proud to announce that the Superior Court of Quebec has authorized the filing of a class action against the various legal entities comprising the religious congregation of the Marist Brothers on behalf of all victims who were sexually assaulted in Quebec by a member of that congregation.

Kugler Kandestin and the many victims of assault who have contacted the firm to date are pleased with this decision. To view a copy of the judgment, click here. The judgment authorizes the filing of the class action against all legal entities forming the Marist Brothers’ religious congregation in Quebec, including entities for which it is alleged that the Marist Brothers transferred $160 million in an attempt to avoid their obligation to compensate victims of sexual assault.

The judgment will allow Kugler Kandestin to file a class action seeking significant compensatory damages for each victim, as well as punitive damages in the amount of $20 million.

Many victims have already contacted Kugler Kandestin on a strictly confidential basis. If you are a victim of sexual assault by a member of the Marist Brothers, or know a victim, we encourage you to contact the lawyers on our team for information about the case and your rights (see contact information below). All communications will be kept strictly confidential and are completely free of charge.

The Marist Brothers have worked throughout Quebec for decades. Click here for a non-exhaustive list of currently known institutions where the Marist Brothers have been present. This list is not exhaustive, and the Marist Brothers have worked in other establishments. The fact that the establishment that a victim attended is not on this list or for the period indicated does not mean that this person is not a member of the class action and we encourage him or her to contact the lawyers on our team.

The class action was authorized on behalf of the following group:

“All persons who have been sexually assaulted by a member of the religious congregation known as the Marist Brothers at any place in Quebec, including but not limited to any educational institution, school, college, recreational facility, recreation center, camp, residence, place of worship (the “Class”).

The Group excludes persons who are members and who have not excluded themselves from the class action Association des amis du Patro Lokal de St-Hyacinthe v. Les Frères Maristes et al, court file number: 750-06-000004-140, namely all persons, as well as their heirs, who were physically, sexually or psychologically abused by any religious member or employee of the religious congregation known as the Marist Brothers while attending or residing at the Patro Lokal housing resource in St-Hyacinthe, between 1970 and 1986.”

We will keep you informed of the progress of the class action and update this page with the latest developments.

The attorneys on our team working on this class action are:

Me Pierre Boivin
(514) 878-2861, ext 103

Me Robert Kugler
(514) 878-2861, ext 116

June 16th, 2022

Kugler Kandestin has filed an Application for Authorization to Institute a Class Action on behalf of individuals sexually abused by religious members of the Marist Brothers across Quebec. The Application seeks damages of $950,000 for Plaintiff B., punitive damages of $20 million and damages for each member of the Class to be determined.

The class action is for the benefit of the following Class  :

“All persons who have been sexually abused by a religious member of the religious order known as the Marist Brothers, anywhere in Quebec, including without limitation any institution, training establishment, school, college, recreational establishment, activity centre, camp, residence, place of worship, except for anyone who is a member of, and who has not opted out of, the class action Association des Amis du Patro Lokal de St-Hyacinthe v. The Marist Brothers et al., bearing court file number 750-06-000004-140. »

If you were the victim of sexual abuse by a religious member of the Marist Brothers in Quebec, we encourage you to contact the undersigned attorneys so that we may inform you of your rights.

Your communications with the members of our team are free, remain strictly confidential and are covered by professional secrecy.

We will continue to update this page as the case progresses.

Me Pierre Boivin
(514) 360-8881

Me Robert Kugler