Class Actions

Securities Class Actions vs. Avantage Link Inc. (formerly Jitec Inc.) et als.

Stuart Kugler and Gordon Kugler settled these securities class actions on behalf of Class members, and obtained the approval of the settlement by the Québec Superior Court. The Class members consist of persons who sustained losses on shares of Jitec Inc. that they owned between July 26, 2000 and November 9, 2000, due to the alleged actions of the Defendants regarding the trading volume and the price of Jitec Inc. stock on the Montreal Stock Exchange.

The amount of the settlement was $9.850 million. At this time, the Claims Administrator is in the process of administering all claims that have been filed by Class members.

Please address any questions with respect to this case to one of the attorneys on the file at the contact information below.

Stuart Kugler
(514) 878-2861 ext. 131
Gordon Kugler
(514) 878-2861 ext. 106