Class Action

Kugler Kandestin is widely regarded as a pioneer in the area of class actions and is recognized as one of the leading Canadian law firms in this field.

A class action lawsuit is a powerful legal vehicle that enables a group of people who have been wronged in a similar manner to band together to pursue legal recourses against one or more, often powerful entities. Class actions allow numerous individuals and entities to have access to justice which they otherwise would not have.

Our involvement in class actions, which includes the trial of class actions that have been authorized, extends to acting for both plaintiffs and defendants. As in other areas of litigation, we believe that prosecuting claims makes us better defense attorneys and vice versa.

As attorneys for the class, Kugler Kandestin advances the case in the best interests of all members, in an efficient and economical fashion.

We have extensive experience and have handled numerous class actions, at both the provincial and national levels, in a broad range of matters, including alleged physical and sexual abuse, against tobacco companies, manufacturers and distributors of defective consumer and medical products, as well as in cases of consumer fraud, securities, stock market manipulation, and anti-trust and competition class actions. We also work with counsel in various jurisdictions across Canada in advancing cross-border class actions.

We have a track record of success, both in terms of litigating and settling class actions and have obtained numerous significant monetary awards for class members.

Kugler Kandestin is the first law firm in Québec to win a class action on behalf of victims of sexual abuse perpetrated by members of a religious congregation at a boarding school (Tremblay v. The Redemptorists). The Defendants paid $20 million to compensate the numerous individuals who were sexually abused in their youth. The outcome of the Redemptorists case has significantly advanced the law in this area.

Kugler Kandestin is also handling class actions on behalf of victims of sexual abuse perpetrated by members of other religious orders. In particular, Kugler Kandestin received authorization to sue The Clerics of Saint-Viator, on behalf of numerous handicapped children who were sexually abused, as well as against the Congregation Notre-Dame de la Miséricorde, on behalf of individuals who were sexually abused while attending Collège St-Hilaire.

Our lawyers speak and write on various class action issues and are involved in the Canadian Bar Association Class Action Division.