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Hockey abuse class action lawsuit filed against the CHL, the QMJHL, and its 18 teams

Update: July 2, 2024 

Kugler Kandestin LLP filed today a class action lawsuit against the CHL, the QMJHL, and its 18 teams.

The class action stems from the physical, psychological, and sexual abuse suffered by players who were abused in the QMJHL while they were minors.

We encourage players to contact us so that we can inform you of your rights.  All communications with us are strictly confidential, are protected by professional secrecy, and are free.

April 10, 2024

Kugler Kandestin is pleased to report that by Judgment dated April 10, 2024, the Superior Court of Québec granted the application for permission to file a class action against the Canadian Hockey League, the Québec Major Junior Hockey League, and its 18 teams.

The class action seeks $15M in punitive damages and compensatory damages on behalf of all class members in connection with the abuse that they suffered, as minors, while playing in the QMJHL.

The class action is for the benefit of the following group [unofficial translation]:

“All hockey players who were abused* while minors and playing in The Québec Major Junior Hockey League (hereinafter the “QMJHL”) since July 1, 1969 (hereinafter the “Class”);

* “Abuse” means any form of physical, sexual and/or psychological assault, including being confined, shaved, stripped, drugged and/or forcibly intoxicated, forced or encouraged to physically and/or sexually assault others, forced to drink or eat urine, saliva, semen, feces and/or other filthy substances, forced to inflict self-inflicted injury, or forced to commit acts of bestiality;”

With respect to the next steps in this class action, the defendants have a period to seek permission to appeal the April 10th authorization judgment.  Pending the defendants’ decision and the outcome, the Court will be asked to approve a notice to class members to inform them of the authorization judgment and their rights, and a lawsuit will be filed against the defendants.

If you were abused, as a minor, while playing in the QMJHL, we encourage you to contact the undersigned attorneys so that we can inform you of your rights.

Your communications with the members of our team are free, strictly confidential, and are covered by professional secrecy.

We will continue to update this page as the case progresses.